POSITION TITLE: Youth Minister

SUPERVISOR: Associate Pastor and Pastor

POSITION TYPE: Full-time Ministerial Staff; Salaried Staff

PRINCIPAL FUNCTION: Provide leadership for the Youth and College student ministries.


Education: College Degree preferred

Experience: Local church youth ministry

Skills: Teaching counseling


“Bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ,

develop them spiritually and equip them for His Ministry”

-Purpose Statement-


A. Youth Ministries:

1. Envision and build the framework for the development of a strong spiritual and holistic ministry to students (Grade 7 – College) and their families within Williamston Memorial Baptist Church, Inc.

2. Lead youth in the things they need to know: (Doctrine), who they need to become; (Morals and values), what they need to do: (Spiritual disciplines, i.e. bible study, quiet time, and prayer)

3. Model a personal life and relationships which demonstrate Christian values.

4. Lead and work in cooperation with the Youth Ministry Team. Help evaluate the youth ministries of the church through the youth organizations. Work with youth leaders to plan a program for leading youth to the knowledge of Jesus, of the plan of salvation and to develop them in Christian discipleship. Coordinate ministry planning and facilitation with parents, students, and adult volunteers. Coordinate planned student and family ministry activities that reflect Biblical objectives. Provide oversight and direction for annual fund raising events, yard sales, etc. in cooperation with the Youth Ministry Team.

5. Lead in planning and conduction of special age-group activities, bible study, and programs appropriate for the spiritual growth of the youth in the church. Plan special ministry events for youth throughout the year (e.g. Summer camps, mission trips, school breaks, retreats, local mission activities, inter-denominational events, and recruit volunteers for special ministry events.)

6. Secure leadership for youth mission organizations, with the assistance of the Youth Ministry Team

7. Clearly communicate student and family ministries agendas and activities to those directly involved and to the congregation as a whole.

8. Chaperone all youth trips and be responsible for the planning and preparing for said trips and mission projects. Have adult chaperones provided by the church membership, as activities require.

9. Promote a program of outreach for the youth in cooperation with the overall church program of outreach.

10. Help provide or refer for counseling youth and for families when requested.

11. Visit middle school, high school and college campuses and activities to maintain personal interest and contact with students.

12. Actively participate in a visitation program, leading the youth by visiting other youth in the community to enlist them into the youth program.

13. Maintain fiscal accountability through annual budget planning and responsible fiscal management.

14. Order and maintain supplies and resources for youth ministry and special events programming.

15. Participate in conjunction with the Human Resources Team and the Youth Ministry Team on a quarterly basis, on performance for the purpose of feedback.

B. Other Ministry responsibilities:

1. Maintain regular office hours in the youth minister’s office and be accessible to the families of youth of the church for youth related pastoral needs, coordinating with associate pastor and pastor if needed.

2. Help with general office work.

3. Fill pulpit when needed. Participate in at least one 8:30 worship service monthly and participate in the “Horizon” worship service as needed.

4. Will serve as a member of the Ministry Coordination Team.

5. Assist with the production of information and public relations materials such as newsletters, news releases as well as any other church publications and the church website.

6. Assist with the planning and supervision for activities such as Vacation Bible School, Children’s Worship, Kid’s Corner, and other children’s activities as time allows, without having full responsibility for such ministries. The Youth Minister will coordinate with and work alongside of the Children’s Ministry and Weekday Preschool Director as time allows as long as it does not detract from Youth responsibilities and activities.

7. Participate in local, associational or state training with relevance to youth ministry.

8. Help coordinate with other ministries in the college ministry.

9. Work under general supervision of the associate pastor and pastor and in cooperation with other ministers. This includes keeping the other ministers informed of activities.

10. Other responsibilities as assigned by the pastor or associate pastor or Human Resources Team. The youth minister shall be expected to perform such staff responsibilities not covered by the job description, but necessary, in keeping with the oversight of the pastor and associate pastor, to keep the overall ministry of the Williamston Memorial Baptist Church, Inc. operating efficiently and effectively.


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109 W. Church St. Williamston NC, 27892

PHONE: 252-792-2865
FAX: 252-792-7595

PRESCHOOL: 252-792-6079